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    Designing a New Approach to Higher Ed
    Changemaker Residency is the pilot project of an experiential higher education program that aims to em功率 students from around the world with the tools, skills, and mindsets to create meaningful social 更改. The Residency was designed by Clément Moliner-Roy ’18 for his 澳门皇冠 capstone senior project.
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    Three Ways to Change the World (Virgin)
    Top tactics used by 更改 makers to maximize impact and grow successful enterprises are explored by COA Sharpe McNally Chair of Green and Socially Responsible Business Jay Friedlander.
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    澳门皇冠 offers Workshop on The Future
    Imagine E艺术h thirty years from now. This is not just any future, but one in which your best hopes are realized after a process of historical changes – 更改s you can describe and work to realize.