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    COA Summer Programs Offer Abundance of Experience
    Immersive courses in 自然历史和生态领域, 植物学, and environmental journalism bring students to pristine settings in Acadia National Park and Downeast Maine coastal 岛屿 for 澳门皇冠’s pre-college Summer Field Institute.
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    Research Paints New View of Tropical Forests
    A global study of the deep 演化ary 历史 of tropical forest plant species that includes 研究 by 澳门皇冠 plant sciences professor Dr. Susan Letcher is providing a new perspective on the major divisions between tropical forests around the world.
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    Enriching the Earth: Abe Noe-Hays ’00 and his Rich E艺术h Institute
    “How long would it take my family of four to save enough urine to fertilize our hayfield?” I ask fellow alumnus Abe Noe-Hays ’00. He raises his eyebrows. “It’s five acres, you said? You’re going to need some friends.”


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